Friday, July 5, 2013

"He who tells the truth is driven from nine villages."-- Turkish proverb


Pamela Geller is an Islamophobic hate monger. Everyone knows that. That's the label. If you do not agree then it could only be because you are an Islamophobic hate monger yourself. Not wishing to be an Islamophobic hate monger I may have been inclined to agree especially from a position of profound  ignorance. Most people would I suggest and it would not have been necessary to actually see what she has to say. Who wants to waste time listening to an Islamophobic hate monger? 

That's the way labels work.

Then Shirlee sent me a video of Geller speaking at a street rally in Sweden. I didn't put it up but there was nothing she said that I found objectionable. In fact it was stirring. Then there was the controversy about the "war between the civilised man and the ..." poster campaign. Proof the progressives howled she is a racist.

But this is not racist. It is a noble and important principle and it most certainly has application in the modern Middle East. It is the truth.  

The English Defence League are a nasty fringe of right wing racists. Whenever they hold a rally there is trouble.  That's what the progressives and the media say. Well maybe they are. Melanie Philips certainly has serious concerns and does not believe it is a  respectable platform to join. A matter of some controversy in the UK so I'll bud out. After the London street beheading  Shirlee again sent me a video of the the EDL's  leader speaking about the atrocity. All I saw was an earnest and very angry young man talking a lot of sense. No threats. No incitement. No hate. Again I didn't put it up but Daphne Anson did. You can find it at her blog if you are interested. 

The single thread here is the language. One word will get you banned. In the future it might get you jailed.  "Islamism" is OK. "Islam" is not. There's an "ism" for you. The mother of all "isms". Motherism.  If it is missing then you are a racist and it doesn't matter if you are a world authority on Islam you are banned from Britain. But what is and is not "Islam" is entirely up to Muslims. Hacking off someone's head because he is a Jew and making a snuff movie out of it is "Islamic" only if Muslims make it so. The meaning the word is in their hands.

I happen to agree that the distinction is important but what I believe is irrelevant. It is what Muslims believe that is important. It's up to them to make the distinction.But none of this is the point. There is something far more pressing here.

Pat Condell has also coined a new word. I guess there will be many before this is over. Veritophobia. That just blew the top off Google's spellcheck.  Condell on the fear of truth. 

The fascist "anti-fascists". No hope, plenty of hate.

English Defence League mission statement. Disagree with any of this?

EDL leader condemns attacks on Muslims. Listen to the interview and see if you disagree with any of it.

Spencer and Geller banned from the UK for telling the truth

Robert Spencer shows that he knows the Koran better than an imam

Petition to allow Geller and Spencer to speak in the UK

You can contribute to their legal fund to challenge the ban here

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